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Membership is a process of discovery. Some people arrive at Wasaga Beach United as seasoned veterans of the United Church, while others are newcomers who have found faith and a new faith community in Wasaga Beach United that they can call home. As members, we have a mission. In the words of Paul to the Colossians: "As God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience."

If full membership is something you are not prepared to commit to at this time, you are welcome to consider yourself as an "adherent." Membership has certain privileges not extended to adherents such as voting privileges. At Wasaga Beach United, we have many adherents who are very important to our church life, but membership remains the key to a deeper and richer involvement in our church community.

The other suggestion is to become a member:

How to become a Member: Contact us

Join us for one of our Sunday services. Get a feel for our church and its community.

Traditionally new members are received into Fellowship on Palm Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent or a date close in September.

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