History Of Our Wasaga Beach United Church Logo

The word "Peace" is used as we light a peace candle each Sunday for Peace in the World. The "circle" around the dove reminds us of our closing song each Sunday as we form a circle and sing the words "bind us together". A circle is never ending.

A "red sun" links us to our environment and the beautiful sunsets that we enjoy here at the beach.

The "dove" carrying an olive branch is shown facing outward in the circle going into the community to spread the word of God and to invite people to our church and fellowship. The dove is also the symbol of peace and represents the Holy Spirit in Christian symbolism.

The lettering used is bold and strong in the words WASAGA BEACH UNITED CHURCH. (We are here to stay).

Adopted October 2010

We would like to acknowledge Margie Castle who designed our Wasaga Beach United Church logo.

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